Lecture • Jade: China's Gift to the World • Shanghai, China • 18 April 2019

by Richard W. Hughes
Jade: China's Gift to the World

An examination of the historical sources of jade, along with the remarkable renaissance in Chinese jade carving that has occured since the 1990s.

Jade: China's Gift to the World by Lotus Gemology's Richard Hughes
Jade has been treasured by the Chinese for some 8,000 years. Yù (玉), the Chinese word for jade, is one of the oldest in the Chinese language; its pictograph is distinguished from that for “ruler” only by one dot. Outside of China, people generally think of jade as the jadeite jade from Burma, where the finest quality is a vivid green. Within China, however, jade is a stone of an entirely different character, with the finest quality being white. Lotus Gemology’s Richard Hughes has been studying jade since he first visited Burma at age 19. He will offer a brief survey of the places jadeite and nephrite come from and then delve into the real Chinese jade, the true “Stone of Heaven.”

Thursday, 18 April 2019; 19:00

Gemology Education Center of Tongji University
Gems & Technological Material Lab. of Tongji University
727, North Zhongshan Rd.
Shanghai 200070

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